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What Our Clients Say

“Collaborative Growth has been such a great catalyst in development for the leaders at Adena Health System. Marcia and James are there for us; either certifying new coaches, providing support when we need a refresher or lending us an ear to bend when we encounter a difficult issue. The TESI has been a significant area of growth and development for our teams. Our leaders have made strides in personal development through Emotional Intelligence, which has moved Adena farther ahead in development than any other initiative.”

Gail Games
Vice President, Education and Development, Adena Health System

"Your insight on understanding and addressing team competencies has been extremely helpful.Your support has helped us reach a deeper understanding of how we interact as a team and how we can move forward with a stronger sense of loyalty, a higher level of trust and an awareness of how important communication is to the success of the team." ...more

Warren Hoshizaki
Director of Education
District School Board of Niagara

"A great deal of credit for our organization’s success in maintaining “top-of- mind” awareness and commitment to developing our EQ-i capacity goes to Collaborative Growth who have provided exceptional training and support opportunities to our organization over the past decade. Under the leadership of Marcia Hughes and James Terrell, Collaborative Growth has provided training and support for dozens of leaders and built the internal capacity in Waterloo Region DSB so that we can pass along our insights to many other leaders. Marcia is, without a doubt, is a truly gifted workshop facilitator. Her workshops are relevant, lively, appropriately interactive and comprehensive. The content is “high-impact”, relevant and rich. She consistently delivers! The comments from our participants are inevitably positive and glowing." ...more

Mark Schinkel Executive Superintendent
Human Resource Services and Organizational Development
Waterloo District School Board

“Marcia and James have provided valuable professional support to Jeffco Action Center’s Board, Senior Team and our full staff for many years. Their facilitation, team building and executive development coaching have made an indelible difference in how well we operate. The TESI has helped our teams take a look at how they are performing today and strategically improve their future engagement. I whole heartily recommend working with Collaborative Growth in order to boost your team, board and executive performance and well-being.” ...more

Mag Strittmatter
Jeffco Action Center

“Marcia’s EQ-i and EQ-360 certification courses are great examples of the best type of learning style and format – highly experiential and engaging. She presented a large amount of information in an easily digestible format that was interactive and thought-provoking. We were able to develop depth in the content while really enjoying the learning process – a wonderful combination.”

Pamela Siliato

"I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for the team building work you have recently completed for our clinical leadership team. Several participants commented that it was remarkable how quickly you were able to understand our team dynamics and sift through the noise to get to the heart of the issues we need to address. Furthermore, I was pleasantly surprised at the leadership skills you demonstrated to keep us on the critical path to a breakthrough despite several attempts to avoid dealing with the crucial matters at hand. It is not often that one encounters an individual with such an ability to see through the challenges high functioning clinical leaders experience and coach these leaders to a new level of performance. At first I thought you had an amazing skill but I have come to believe you have a rare talent, a gift of deeply understanding people, which we were fortunate enough to experience first-hand. Thank you.

Paul Melinkovich, MD
Director Ambulatory Care Services, Denver Health

"Mrs. Hughes has been instrumental in assisting the Daniels Fund in team building with our Senior Management as well as the Grants and Scholarship Departments. She helped each team member develop skills necessary to work together as well as identifying their individual strengths and weaknesses in order to better serve our organization and our community. She is motivated, enthusiastic, and respects others. She excels in her profession.” ...more

Linda Childears
Daniels Fund

“Marcia’s approach pulled us into the experience of EI, allowing us to emerge feeling fully ready to use this important tool with clients.”

Judith Albino, PhD, President Emerita and Professor
University of Colorado Denver

"I reflect on the work you did with my team and me when I was at Humana; it was great stuff! Marcia and James were able to simplify and clearly communicate in a way that was understandable and actionable by the participants."

Brenda Snyder
What Next Consulting Services

“We are very excited about using the assessment and truly appreciate your willingness to share your time, talent and resources. Thank you for the great certification training and the intranet site, which offers extremely valuable information to support the most effective use of the TESI. We are already talking with clients who have interest and look forward to continued collaboration.”

Jeff Thoren and Sally Stamp
Gifted Leaders

“I see why Marcia and James are considered the best. What a wonderful training experience! I am sure it will be great lasting learning. The TESI promotes strategic decision making to support team growth.”

Beth Barela
WWC Ltd.

"Credible, authentic, and passionate, are words that come to mind when describing Marcia Hughes and James Terrell. Marcia and James are valued Partners and authors at Pfeiffer. Their commitment to excellence is evident from their knowledge, integrity, and work ethic in developing content; the willingness to support their business partners; and their deep understanding of customer needs. They have published many books, activities, and training materials around emotional intelligence and its effects on teams and leadership. They have a depth of knowledge in EI that makes them a highly valued resource for us as a publisher. If you’re looking to improve your business, especially in enhancing team and leadership performance, Marcia and James are an excellent resource and consultant!”

Denise Sullivan
Pfeiffer, An Imprint of John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

"We have been extremely pleased and satisfied with the timely support provided by Marcia Hughes and the team at Collaborative Growth.  The results have been stunningly successful.  The company has tripled in size with high retention rates.” ...more

Reynold Stelloh, III
PhaseOne Communications

"For the last several years the Lakewood City Council has utilized the services of Marcia Hughes and Collaborative Growth to facilitate our annual Planning Retreat and to work within several City departments, in roles that include both group facilitation and individual mentoring. Good facilitation requires a great deal of advance preparation in addition to finesse, empathy, and where appropriate, toughness. Marcia has consistently displayed exactly the right balance of these traits, and as a result City Council has experienced extremely positive and productive retreats under her guidance.” ...more

Bob Murphy
Mayor, City of Lakewood

“I am writing to give my unqualified reference to the work of Marcia Hughes and her team at Collaborative Growth. Marcia has been chosen to be a regular faculty member in our Premier Governance Series (PGS) program dealing with Excellence in Board Leadership (EBL). The sensitivity of this process with board members unaccustomed to sensitive feedback is highly critical to the success of this module. Marcia has shown her capability with this audience using this feedback on multiple occasions.”...more

Bill Clover, Ph.D.
FCC Services

“The EQi workshop in a group setting yielded a positive surprise…we pinpointed where profitability will go up as EQi goes up. That’s a real win-win! EQi increased group trust as well.”

Pierce Ledbetter
LEDIC Management Group

"Thank you for all of your efforts, resulting in a very successful and rewarding course. I look forward to implementing our newly discovered mediation skills toward resolving disputes at all levels within the Colorado Army and Air Guard."

James Zarlengo
Dept. of the Army

Thanks for being such a wonderful facilitator and communicator. You helped our Corporate Communications Dept. take great strides in meeting our mission! Your people skills are exemplary and the work was quite successful."

Sandy Cavanaugh, Vice President
Exempla Healthcare

"Thanks for your insightful assistance in helping our Board of Commissioners learn to understand and work better with each other and our key staff. We had an enjoyable time while we grew together in a safe environment."

Michelle Lawrence
Chairperson Jefferson County Commissioners

"The Emergenetics workshop for our team helped my team and me. The first results told me I had preferences I didn't know I had. I began experimenting and sure enough, it's working well. When we got together again 6 months later, I came back to my profile and the team's and found even more for us to work with. As a group this tells us a lot - we will use our strengths to address our weaknesses. Thanks for a fun and productive workshop!"

Keith Felton, Assistant Vice President
California Casualty

"Thank you for all the help you have provided us over the last year or so. I feel we were very fortunate to have such a highly skilled facilitator orchestrate our meetings. I believe both your knowledge and experience greatly contributed to the overall success of these meetings."

Jan Lonsdale, Manager HR
US Postal Service

"I recommend Marcia for conflict resolution or facilitation services for the school district because I've seen her work in action firsthand and know the depth and breadth of her skills and her attention to the human dynamics of conflict in addition to solving the problem."

Kate Wills, EAP Manager
Jefferson County Schools
, President

"Marcia's work as Transition Coordinator for NREL supported our goals of a respectful and thoughtful transition."

Mary Madison, Center Director, Human Resources Center
National Renewable Energy Laboratory

"Congratulations to Collaborative Growth on your 10th anniversary! Throughout the years I have been consistently impressed with your educational foresight. In your next ten years, I know you will continue to look towards the future, discern the coming challenges, and develop effective solutions for your clients."

Geil Browning
Browning & Associates

"Thank you for your highly successful Dealing with Difficult People presentation ... You helped us set a standard for excellence."

Larry Kallenberger, Executive Director
Colorado Counties, Inc.

"On behalf of the entire market development group at Medtronic, I would like to thank you for your work with us. Because of your experience in business, law and human relationships, you provide a rare combination of content, context and human dynamics that makes your work exceptional!

Paula Ekonomos, Market Development Director
Medtronic, Inc.

Collaboration is an art that demands a dance between two or more beings. Beings who are prepared to engage in fierce conversations, with politeness and humility whilst aligning with a purpose greater than themselves. This I believe results in synergy. There are few who can achieve this. Marcia and James are of the few. "

Christopher Cooke
5 Deep, UK

"Thanks for an outstanding presentation on the 2% Solution. Your topic was intriguing, enlightening, and practical. I have seen you speak several times and continue to be impressed by how you connect with an audience."

Bonita Patterson, Program Chair
CO Human Resources Assn.

"James and Marcia are tremendously helpful and extremely knowledgeable. I was certified in EQi last summer, yet they continue to help me with administration and analyses for my clients. Talk about COLLABORATIVE in their help for my GROWTH! Wow!! "

Scott Graham
Wright State University

"Thank you so much for your great presentations at the Annual Conference of the Special District Association. Your sessions were clearly favorites with our members. Your great substance and entertaining, interactive style clearly captured the audience and made them a key part of the sessions. You captured their hearts, and sent them away with a great new set of tools with which to meet the challenges of their lives and their professional responsibilities."

Evan Goulding, Executive Director
Special District Assn. of CO

"We continue to bring Marcia back because we find that her interactive approach and engaging style works so well with many different levels of employees. Being able to bring together diverse groups for the same presentation allows our company to save both time and money."

Cindy Gilliland, Human Resources Manager
California Casualty Management Co.

"Collaborate Growth has modeled collaboration with The Conflict Center, delivering excellent training at our annual Cost of Conflict Conference. We received very positive feedback from our participants on Marcia and James' workshops."

Francy Milner
The Conflict Center

"What a wonderful workshop you presented us! The Foundation is most grateful to you for both the quality of the program and the excellent participative exercises that got all of us involved and literally learning on our feet. "

Stephanie Allen
President Women's Vision Foundation

"Marcia was an excellent speaker for the eWomen Network. Her topic, "THE 2% SOLUTION," was inspiring and informative. She showed great enthusiasm, humor and practical experience. She truly captured the audience and had the unique capability to speak to each individual one-on-one. "

Michelle Wiegman
Director eBusiness Development

"James and Marcia, life is much too hectic. I know that there are many, many demands on your time, which makes us even more grateful for your participation. The success of our project is due to our supportive community and efforts of individuals such as you. Please accept our thanks and appreciation for the leadership that you provided for the sixth Training in Transition Weekend."

Lynn Robinson, Training for Transitions
A Partnership, Easter Seals Colorado

"I had an opportunity to participate in the Bar-On Emotional Quotient Inventory Trainer Certification Program. James assisted with some of these teachings and provided the feedback sessions. I have been in the field of education for over 20 years and this experience has given me considerable insight in judging successful educators. James' people skills are excellent. He takes in consideration how the participant accepts information that may be positive or might challenge them a bit to grow. He encourages the learner to provide feedback to him that assists him with the analysis of the inventory. He knows how to pace the material to be sure all the learners understand. He also allows the participants the freedom to ask questions no matter how simple or complicated they may seem. He has a very relaxed, but professional style to his teachings experiences. He will leave you with a positive life long impression of the subject matters he offers. "

Rose Fisher Merkowitz, Assoc. Professor
The Ohio State University Extension

"I wanted to sincerely thank you for your professional services in making me a better professional. Your work with the Human Resources staff in team building, strategic planning and overall profession development awareness will continue to pay dividends long into the future. The tools and objectives we developed with your assistance, were truly the products of a participation process, open discussion and representative of your expert assistance. "

Terry Green, Human Resources
Jefferson County

"Thanks for your fun, lively and highly education presentation for the Denver Metro American Postal Workers Union officers and stewards. It was just the right balance of presentation and group participation. I appreciate that you accomplished our educational goals while our group had a good time. I will be calling upon you in the near future for additional training."

Paul Medrick, President
Denver Metro Area Local American Postal Workers Union

Marcia's skills in strategic analysis and implementation have been foundational to many boards' abilities to meet their public responsibilities."

Pat Fitzgerald, District Manager
Southwest Metropolitan District

"Early intervention is one of our most cost effective solutions. We appreciate the excellent assistance we have received from Marcia. "

Mario Gonzales, EEO Manager
Bureau of Land Management

Thanks for facilitating the Lakewood Police Departments Management Team retreat. As the day progressed, one of the most beneficial aspects was our development as a team. I appreciated your flexibility while you kept everyone on track. Sometimes working with management level personalities common to police work can be difficult, but you made it easy!"

Ron Burns, Chief of Police
City of Lakewood

"Thanks for the excellent work you did with us in preparing the audit to support our transition to a new chief. Your assessments were thorough and insightful. Your facilitation & Emergenetics workshop was fun and left us with a lot to talk about. We are now ready to bring you back so we can develop our values statement."

Arthur Johansen, Fire Chief
Glendale Fire Department

"Thank you for helping me survive the most turbulent time in my entire life!"


The sincerity and authentic input and concern impressed me. The sessions were supportive and informational without being overwhelming. Thanks, Marcia and James!"

Michelle Cubas
Positive Potentials LLC

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