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EI Teams spark with energy and results. The path to these positive results is established by developing the 7 core skills of team success: team identity, motivation, team emotional awareness, communication, stress tolerance, conflict resolution, and positive mood. Perfection isn’t required. Awareness of which strengths to maximize and which weaknesses to improve is essential to reaching the desired outcome of operating with Collaborative Intelligence™ and benefiting from sustainable productivity. Your team’s emotional and social well-being will be positively contagious for your organization, your customers and your community.  The TESI is a team 360 survey designed to guide your team to success. You can build team EI through using the TESI by hiring Collaborative Growth, by becoming certified to use the TESI® yourself or by using the Short Form of the TESI® with your team which is now available from Pfeiffer, a Division of Wiley and Sons. Learn more about TESI® options.

Today's competitive work environment requires Collaborative Intelligence™ if leaders, boards, managers, employees and volunteers are going to work together effectively in their teams. The Collaborative Growth team building process focuses on the seven essential behaviors of success for teamwork:

• Identity
• Motivation
• Team Emotional Awareness
• Communications

• Stress Tolerance
• Conflict Resolution
• Positive Mood

Understanding and responding to organizational challenges calls for state of the art communication, business and cultural savvy. Collaborative Growth provides assessment tools and methods that assist organizations in finding and employing the new strategies necessary for peak performance in today's rapidly changing environments. We guide teams to understand themselves and others, operate with all of their intelligence, and reach strategically established outcomes.


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